Editorial Policy

  • Manuscript Selection Criteria The principal criteria for publication of research papers (articles, reviews, etc.) in JSK are that they:
  • should report original scientific research (articles submitted to the journal should not have been published before or be under consideration for publication with another journal).
  • are of excellent scientific significance.
  • Publication Decision JSK has the policy to publish manuscripts that follow a rigorous editorial policy. Selection of papers goes through a number of editorial processes. The novelty and initial judgement of the manuscripts is first checked by the main editors which is not a reflection of the content selection. The papers lacking in the original thought and scientific importance are rejected at the editorial entry level.
  • The manuscripts selected by the main editors, route the papers to the reviewers, who are specialises for the respective papers. A double-blind peer review policy is followed thus avoiding bias in the selection of manuscripts. Referees comment on any evidence of scientific misconduct in papers they review. After the reports from the referees the pitfalls in the paper are reported to the respective authors via main editors which improve upon the shortcomings in the manuscripts. Once the content gets revised by the authors it is resent to the reviewers who have commented on the reviewed papers. Once the positive consent is shown by the respective reviewers, authors are intimated about the final selection. Some of the revised papers are also rejected because the referees have raised considerable technical objections and/or the authors’ claim has not been adequately established. Under these circumstances, the editor’s letter will state explicitly whether or not a resubmitted version would be considered. The paper is rejected with no offer to reconsider a resubmitted version.
  • Reduction in delays To reduce the delays in the publication process, submissions and contacts are made online via electronic mail: aneesashafi@yahoo.co.in  
  • Formatting and editing of selected papers To ensure consistency and a common standard, language accuracy is maintained through a proofreading process. Rechecking of citations and references is also ensured.
  • Technical Outlook The technical staff looks upon the technical layout of the journal content. Technical editor and layout editor maintain the technical and layout quality of the journal.
  • Archiving Policy Authors are encouraged to archive the Publisher’s PDF version of their articles in institutional and subject repositories.
  • Publication Fee / Handling Charges No fee, in any form, is levied on the author(s) for publication in the journal.

Ethical Policy

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