About Journal

Journal of Society in Kashmir (JSK) is a refereed, blind peer-reviewed, annual, open-access journal of the Department of Sociology, University of Kashmir, India. It started as an annual publication in the year 2011. Earlier it was published only in print format but since 2014 it turned online. It aims to publish original papers on various facets of Sociology; Education and Allied Disciplines of Social Sciences. The Journal welcomes original articles, reviews of books, professional news etc., relevant to the focus of the journal. The journal is published on regular basis and has maintained its consistency since its inception. The journal regularly publishes the scholarship on annual basis. The journal has editorship and authorship of national and international repute. The journal is not only recognized in the field of Sociology but its allied fields also like Education, History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Social Work etc. Authors are encouraged to archive the Publisher’s PDF version of their articles in institutional and subject repositories.