The journal accepts papers of original research in the field of Sociology which are not under consideration by any other journal or conference proceedings etc. All papers are subject to blind peer review. The papers may be submitted preferably online on email id: The paper should include an abstract highlighting problem, methodology and findings with three to five keywords. The softcopy should be submitted in MS-Word and figures, if any, be submitted as a separate graphic file (GIF, JPEG, or PNG format). Authors should follow APA Style (American Psychological Association) 6th ed for citation and references.

A. For Citation

Busha and Harter (1980) or (Busha & Harter, 1980)

B. For Reference


Busha, C.H., & Harter, S.P. (1980) Research methods in librarianship: techniques and interpretation. New York: Academic Press.

Journal Article

Wei, J., Stankosky M., Calabrese, F., & Lu, L. (2008). A framework for studying the impact of national culture on knowledge sharing motivation in virtual teams. VINE, 38(2), 221-231. doi: 10.1108/03055720810889851

Essays or Chapters

Mangla, P.G. (1985). Library and Information Science in India. In Gupta, B.M., Guha, B., Rajan, T.N., and Satyanarayana, R. (Eds.), Handbook of libraries, archives & Information centers in India (p. 229-256). New Delhi: Information Industry.

An internet document

Applegate, L. M. (2009). Building Businesses in Turbulent Times. Working knowledge: A first look at faculty research. Retrieved                        from:

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