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53 Nasia Bhat  Dr Manzoor Hussain   2019  
52 Gousia Yaseen Dr Manzoor Hussain  Critical Evaluation of Indira Awaas Yojana: A case study of Anantnag District 2016 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Soc/KU/16
51 Javeed Ahmad Parry  Prof.  Pirzada M Amin  Social Policy Issues for youth in Kashmir: A Sociological Analysis 2016 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Soc/KU/15
50 Mohd. Anzar Warr Dr Manzoor Hussain Inter-generational dynamics of child parent relationship in Kashmir : A socio-psychological  Study 2016 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sociology/KU/16
49 Suheel Rasool Mir Prof. Aneesa Shafi Reservation Policies and social justice: A study of Dard tribe of Gurez 2016 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sociology/KU/17
48 Khalida Gull Dr Salima Jan An evaluation study of Aids awareness among youth in Kashmir 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/sociology/KU/16
47 Aasimah Bashir  Dr Salima Jan Women studies in India : A survey of literature 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
46 Samia Sarwar Prof. Aneesa Shafi Sociological profile of female headed households in Srinagar city. 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
45 Shahid-ul-Mushtaq Prof. Aneesa Shafi Sociological Profile  of women in Jammu & Kashmir 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
44 Mansoor Ahmad Dar Prof. Aneesa Shafi A sociological study of women in J&K police 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
43 Farooq Ahmad Khan Dr Manzoor Hussain  Sociological profile (kandar Baker) community in urban srinagar 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
42 Sabreen Shafi Prof. Aneesa Shafi The practice of dowry among muslims in Kashmir: A socio-study of Srinagar city 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
41 Farah Ashraf Prof. B. A Dabla Trends of population change in Jammu and Kashmir (1961-2011) 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
40 Masrat Manzoor Prof. Aneesa Shafi Female child labour : A sociological study of District Srinagar 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/15
39 Nadeem Ahmad Wani Prof. Aneesa Shafi Perception and practice of family planning among muslims in Kashmir 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/15
38 Shabeer Ahmad  Bhat Prof.  Pirzada M Amin  Socio-economic impact of technology institutionalization on Hindu Pilgrimities in Jammu and Kashmir 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/16
37 Majid Ahmad Masoodi Dr Salima Jan Shrines and pluralism: A case study of mata Kheer bhawani 2015 F(M.Phil-Sociology)Sec/KU/15
36 Ruhail Ahad Prof. B. A Dabla Education And Social Mobility Among Gujjaars Of District Pulwama 2014  
35 Rashida Gull Prof. Aneesa Shafi A critical study of feminist movement in India 2014  
34 Heena Qadir Prof.  Pirzada M Amin  Ibn-Khalduns concept of social change: A sociological study 2012  
33 Mudasir Ahmad Nazar Prof. B. A Dabla Socio-economic dimensions of environmental degradation sstudy of Srinagar city 2012  
32 Sunnera Qureshi Prof. B. A Dabla Sociological profile of laper community in Kashmir 2012  
31 Ajaz Ahmad Mir Prof. B. A Dabla Trends of crime in Kashmir valley: Socio-study of Srinagar city 2012  
30 Shabnam Hassan Prof. B. A Dabla Changing practice and patterns of marriage in Kashmir 2011  
29 Arfa Sharief  Dr Salima Jan Socio-cultural impact of media on youth: A case study of urban Srinagar 2011  
28 Sarafraz Ahmad Prof. B. A Dabla Role of orphanages in Kashmir: A case study of district Srinagar 2011  
27 Fayaz Ahmad Ganie Prof.  Pirzada M Amin  Role of NGOs in rehabilitation of earthquake victims of uri in J&K 2010  
26 Shimayil Wani Prof. B. A Dabla A sociological study of Juvennile delinquency in Srinagar city 2010  
25 Irshad Ahmad Wani Dr. Salima Jan Social stratification in Kashmir: A study of district Pulwama  2009  
24 Shahzad Ahmad Wani Prof. Pirzada M Amin  Drug abuse in Kashmir: A Sociological study of Anantnag District  2009  
23 Yasmeen shafi Prof. Aneesa Shafi A profile of fisherman community in Hazratbal : A Sociological study  2009  
22 Syed Rukhsana  Prof. Pirzada M Amin  Sociological study of purdah practice in Kashmir  2009  
21 Mohmad Saleem Jahangir   Prof. Pirzada M Amin  AIDS in Jammu and Kashmir: A Sociological concern 2009  
20 Asima Hassan Prof. Aneesa Shafi Impact of conflict situation on mental health in Srinagar 2009  
19 Shazada Saleem  Prof. B. A Dabla Socio economic dimensions of ageing in Kashmir  2008  
18 Farah Muneeb Prof. Aneesa Shafi  Nature and impact of rural urban migration in the Kashmir valley 2006  
17 Sham-un-Nissa Prof. Aneesa Shafi  Impact of employment of women on their children: Sociological study of Srinagar city.  2006  
16 Suraya Jabeen Prof. Aneesa Shafi  Sociological profile of potter community in district Baramulla  2006  
15 Zeenat jahan Prof. B. A Dabla  Sociological profile of dhobi community in Srinagar city 2005  
14 Shamshad Prof. B. A Dabla  Kashmiri women in modern profession: A Sociological study 2004  
13 Humaira Yaqoob Prof. B. A Dabla  Social implication of change among women: a study of the child bearing and child rearing practices in Srinagar city  2001  
12 G. R. Gani Prof. B. A Dabla Economic and sociological study seavenging community in Srinagar  2000  
11 Shameem Ahmad Prof. B. A Dabla  A Sociological study of child labour in unorganized sector in the Kashmir valley 2000  
10 Rubina Kounser Prof. B. A Dabla  The changing trends among the working women of Kashmir valley 1998  
9 Manzoor Hussain Prof. B. A Dabla  Social impact of IRDF on rural society of Kashmir: A sociological study of gasso village. 2000  F.2(M.Phil-Soc)Sec/Ku/2000
8 Hakim Nazir Ahmad Prof. B. A Dabla  Impact of integrated child development service on women and child development in rural Kashmir  1997  
7 Sheikh khursheed ul Islam Prof. B. A Dabla Sociological study of marriage among muslims in urban Kashmir  1995  
6 Nazir Ahmad Kotay Prof. B. A Dabla Social implication of population growth: A study of Shangus village 1995  
5 Mohd. Amin Bhat Prof. B. A Dabla Impact of urbanization in Kashmir : A case study of Srinagar city  1995  
4 Aaliya Ahmad Prof. B. A Dabla Media and Social change: A sociological study of impact of television on children in urban Kashmir  1993  
3 Tariq Ahmad Rather Prof. B. A Dabla Social Stratification In The Kashmiri Society 1992  
2 Masrat Majid Prof. B. A Dabla Sociological study of women’s Education in Kashmir  1992  
1 Sabia Mufti Prof. B. A Dabla Impact of television on Kashmiri women 1991