S. No. Name of the Scholar Supervisor  Title of the Thesis Date of Award  Result Notification
30  Mohd Anzar war Dr. Manzoor Hussain  Social Implications of Depeasantization in Kashmir   August 20, 2020  Sociology/KU/2020/03
29 Manzoor Ahmad Khan Dr. Manzoor Hussain  Critical evaluation of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in Kashmir Valley: A Sociological Study of Ganderbal District  July 22, 2020 Sociology/KU/2020/02
28 Tarif Hamid  Prof. Aneesa Shafi Transnational Migration of Youth: Impact on Aged Parents in Srinagar City       July 22, 2020 Sociology/KU/2020/01
27 Farah Ashraf  Dr. Mohmad Saleem Jahangir  Widowhood among Muslims of Kashmir: A Sociological Study     2019 Sociology/KU/2019/04
26 Ali Hussain Dr. Manzoor Hussain  Sociological Profile of Dard Tribe in Jammu and Kashmir 2019 Sociology/KU/2019/03
25 Shumaila  Dr. Mohmad Saleem Jahangir  The Practice of Reservation in Jammu and Kashmir Provinces: A Comparative Study   2019 Sociology/KU/2019/02
24 Iram Imtiyaz  Dr. Manzoor Hussain  2019 Sociology/KU/2019/01
23 Gulshan Ara Prof. Pirzada M Amin  Socio-Economic Implications of Railway in Kashmir 2018 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2018
22 Mehnaz Hassan Sofi Prof. Aneesa Shafi Health Status of Women in Kashmir: A Comparative Study of Rural Urban Women  2018 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2018
21 Mohamad Rafi Bhat Dr. Mohmad Saleem Jahangir  Globalization and Emerging Trends in Consumerism: A Comparative Study of Rural and Urban Kashmir 2017 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2017
20 Shugufa Akhter Dr. Mohmad Saleem Jahangir  Religion and Social Mobility: A Case study of Shia Women of Kashmir 2017 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2017
19 Farah Qayoom Prof. Aneesa Shafi Socio-cultural identity and diaspora: A study of the Pakhtoons in Kashmir  2017 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2017
18 Aijaz Ahmad Mir Prof. Aneesa Shafi Trends of crime in Jammu and Kashmir: A comparative study of Srinagar and Jammu cities 2017 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2017
17 Sarafraz Ahmad  Prof. Aneesa Shafi Evaluation of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA): A Comparative Study of District Kupwara and Poonch   2017 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2017
16 Shahzad Ahmad Wani Prof. Pirzada M Amin Disability in Jammu and Kashmir 2016 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2016
15 Naseer Ahmad Wani Prof. Aneesa Shafi Changing agrarian social structure : A case study of village Bugam of Kashmir  2015 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2015
14 Humera Yaqoob  Prof. B. A. Dabla Emergence and Role of Bureaucracy in J&K: A Sociological Study 2015 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2015
13 Shimayil Wani Prof. B. A. Dabla A Sociological Study of Continuity and Change of Kashmiri Culture 2013  
12 Huda Galzai Prof. Aneesa Shafi Dimensions of Discrimination Against Women in Kashmir: A Study in Srinagar District 2013 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2013
11 Mohamad Saleem Jahangir  Prof. Aneesa Shafi Appraisal of Globalization: Marxist Perspective 2013 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2013
10 Shimayil Wani Prof. B. A. Dabla Juvenile delinquency in Kashmir : A Sociological Study 2013 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2013
9 Sham-sun-Nissa Prof. Aneesa Shafi Suicide in Kashmir: A sociological study 2011 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2011
8 Aasima Hassan Prof. Aneesa Shafi Conflict youth in Kashmiri sociological study 2011 PhD-sociology/Sec/Ku/2011
7 Sofiya Hassan Mir Prof. B. A. Dabla Conflict and social tension on mental health in Kashmir valley 2005 18867-W-89 View
6 Chesfeeda akhter Prof. Aneesa Shafi  Violence against women in Kashmir: A Sociological Study of District Srinagar 2007  
5 Manzoor Hussain Prof. B. A. Dabla Sociological Dimensions Of Rural Development In Kashmir Valley: A Case Study Of Block Ganderbal 2006  
4 Shamshad  Prof. B. A. Dabla A sociological study of the Kashmiri women in medical professions 2006  
3 Nazir Ahmad Kotey Prof. B. A. Dabla A Population Growth and its Social Implication. A Sociological Study 2002  
2 Mohd. Amin Bhat Prof. B. A. Dabla Social Dimensions and Implication of Urbanization  2000  
1 Sheikh Khursheed ul Islam Prof. B. A. Dabla Dimensions of Kashmiri identity of sociological study 1999